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  1. have published exam result today. June- 2012

  2. if one can course complete after h.s.c from any well knowed firm ,have his any demand in the job market

  3. Now ami clss8e study kori&in future chartered accountant hote chai. Amr kichu questions:
    1/CA complete krte total ko2 khoroch hoy?
    2/CA or ACCA konta better?
    3/CA xm pass kora naki onek tough 2be ca porte ki onek brilliant hote hoy?

    • 1.You will need 1,00,000 to 1,30,000 BDT Tk.If you pass all the three levels in first attempts
      2.Bangladesh er perspective e CA better …
      3.apnake hard work korte hobe ….kono kichui sohoj noy,abar kono kichui hard noy…apnake determine thakte hobe …ekhon thekei determine thakun …

      great to know your interest ..thanks for asking ..will be happy to answer any question from you….

  4. which is good for career- acca or ca?

  5. 1/CA admission-r jonno FC complete krte hoy?
    2/CA complete krte normally 4years lagleo er cheye kom time-e ki complete kora possible?
    3/School level-e(9-10) kon kon subject-k beshi importance dite hobe?
    4/Science group theke CA porte geleki beshi hard-work krte hoy?

    • 1.CA admission er jonno FC agee korte hoto ..but ekhon direct admission test dite hoy..FC kora lage na.
      2.CA articleship er time hocche 4 years(after HSC) r hocche articleship 3 years (after Graduation ) .CA complete korte apnar lagbe 3 years ,jodi apni fail na koren .
      3.Accounting (i mean business studies )
      4.hard work korte CA porte asle…seta apni science theke ,,r business thekei asen na keno……English ta beshi valo thakte hobe ….

  6. Palash Chakraborty

    I have completed BBA from Independent University,Bangladesh with major in Finance now I want to do CA so would you please tell me how I can contact with the firms and also is there any pages where different firms give vacancy news CA articleship student student.Finally is there any opportunity to join firms who doing MBA finale semester?

  7. Ami BBA coplete korlam somproti. Akhon ami CA porte chai. Ki korte hobe? Ami nimno moddho bitto familyr chele. Part time job r dhar korjo kore onk koste BBA ses korlam. CA porteo ki onk tk lagbe?

    • CA porte hole prothome 1ti firm er under apnake 3 years(without provision period) articleship korte hobe…so apnar first kaj ca firm e apnar cv drop kora….CA porar cost onekta apnar upor depend korbe…apni jodi kono subject fail na koren tahole around 130000 tk lagbe total ….r apni every month ca firm theke allowance paben ……apni amader blog ta purota poren..hope that you will get all the answer …ektu somoy lagbe ,but onek info paben …

  8. bro. CA admission test ar jonno BBA ta kon subject major nila valo hoy? or 2.accounting

  9. bro. CA jara complete kora cakrir jonno ki tadar normal Accounting complete students dar shata compete korta hoy…….

  10. bro CA ar normal accounting ( complete students ar maja main difference ki?

  11. I’ve appeared B.S.S. final Exam (2010) last year from National university. My major subject is Economics. SSC, HSC GPA: 3.63, 3.4 and Inshallah I’ll pass B.S.S. with Second class. Now I want to establish my career in CA from ICBA. Am I able to apply for CA this year or I’ve to wait till my MA degree? If I’m able now then what types of subject or coaching should I get for admission test of ICBA?

  12. Md mostofa kamal

    Bro i am a engineer, doing job.
    1) If i got chance in any CA firm, will i be able to continue my job with CA.
    2) Salary of fresh CA graduates please….?

  13. ভাইয়া আমি জানতে চাচ্ছে যে, সি এ এর পরীক্ষা এর ফলাফল টা কিভাবে প্রকাশ করে? আমি শোনে চিলাম পরীক্ষা পর নাকি বোর্ড এর meeting বসে & অখানে কত জন কে পাস করাবে তার একটা শিরধান্ত নাওয়া হয়। আইটা কি ঠিক?

  14. Vi ami national university thaka hons complet korase result hoine ami ke cv drop korta prbo!

  15. could you please let me know that after completing hsc can i drop my cv in a firm?
    and please give me some informations about firms.

  16. vai amar ssc te gpa 4.56 and hsc 4.50 ami ki ca korte parbo……..?

  17. bro,amar ssc te gpa 5.00 and hsc te gpa 4.40.ami science er student.kintu ekhon CA er proti interested.ami jodi ca korte chai tahole ki amake admission test dite hobe?science background theke aschi bole ki amake khub beshi problem face korte hobe?hsc er por ca korle bhalo, na hons er por & eder majhe parthokko ta ki?ca and hons ki ekshathe continue kora shomvob?ca er course koto bochorer & khoroch koto porbe ektu janaben pls.

    • apnake prothome suggest korbo amader site ta apni sompurno dekhben!
      1.apnake admission test dite hobe.eta sobaike deya lage….tobe strong reference thakle vinno kotha!
      2.onekei ekhon science theke ca porche…prothome ektu problem hote pare….pore thik hoye jabe..
      3.hsc er pore korle CA complete korar jonno time beshi hsc er pore korte paren….difference holo hsc er pore korle 4 years articleship korte hobe r hon’s er pore korle 3 years ..
      4.somvob noy eksathe kora..karon ca porle apnake normal office hour e office korte hobe,then hon’s er class korbe ke!go for one!
      5.Articleship 4 years after HSC ….r Articleship 3 years after hon’s ..r poralekha kore pass korte jotokkhon somoy apni nen…eta apnar upore depend! kono subject fail na korle 130000tk lagte pare..around ..
      tar pore apni monthly allowance paben firm theke per month

  18. hsc er por ca korle chakrir khetre ki kono ashubidha hobe?onekei recommend kore hons r por ca kore,kintu keno?hsc r por ca korata ki thik hobe?

  19. What is professional stage & advanced stage?

  20. Between these Malek Siddiqui Wali and Ahamad Mashuqe & Co , Which one should be better for articalship student?

  21. I am doing honors (major in Finance & Accounting and Economics) from North South University. This is my last semester.My CGPA is 3.00 out of 4.What is the procedures for me to study CA?

  22. i want to know , how ca firms are ranked in a or b and who ranked these?

  23. I want to do ca,but for some family problem i can’t attend ca class.i have to study in my it mandatory to attend the class?

  24. Afif Md. Abdullah

    1. I have seen students doing job without completing whole CA course. Can i get a job without completing whole CA course??

    2. If yes how soon can i get a job??

    3. What is CC(course complete)??

    4. What is the mandatory period of time i have to spend in Firms?

    5. Do i have to carry on working on firms and studying CA at the same time?

    6. Why is Hons. In Finance is more prefferable than hons. In accounting??

    • you will get a job without completing the ca course.
      2.after 3 years of your registration from the firm! have to do office in a firm(3 years) .after 3 years you will get a certificate (CC -course complete)
      4.9 am- 5pm( Friday and Saturday off)
      6. it depends!!

      • Afif Md. Abdullah

        About answer no. 2, is the time period same if I complete MBA before joining the CA proggramme? Does that mean i have to spend minimum 3 yrs in the firm to get a job no matter what? Mentioning that I am studying in BBA on Accounting in Chittagong University. Its important for me to get a job soon as possible and i also want to study CA.

      • you can do only one thing either job or CA! you can not do the both at a time! time frame is 3 years(After MBA also) !

  25. I’m a student of commerce and have got gpa 5.00 in ssc(golden) and hsc(normal). I want to study ca now. Please tell me the procedures to study ca after hsc.

  26. Articleship ki Bangladesh e i korte hobe?

  27. brother my age is 26 years and 8 months. now i am in a firm. i will get registration from 28 years. that means February in 2014 from my cc period. after completing my cc my age will be 31 years my question to you: can i join in job market 31 years to get accounts job?

  28. business finance er nannu mia’r note thakle ektu upload koren vaiya…

  29. is CA similar to english medium? i mean ssc,hsc,o level or a level, which will help a person more and make the CA course a bit easier? i heard no body completed CA in one chance at least not in bd, if yes then why this is so? if one completes CA from bd is value over the world same?

    • whatever the courses you have done before joining CA is not important…but it is preferred that u r from business studies, and you have a sound knowledge in English! it will help a lot! but you have to do hard work, dedicated to carry on your CA life! if you join ca, you have to do office as well as study …so it is really tough to get the time to study ,,but if you want ,you can manage your time’s not so much tough !CA is a professional degree …the demand vary country to country ….it is not same! but most prestigious …..
      knock my fb id …
      or join our fb page
      visit our blog regularly

  30. vai ami akhon honours 3rd year ar student in accounting, amar s.s.c & h.s.c G.P.A 4.75 & 4.60. honours ar GPA 1st & 2nd year a 2.71 & 3.00. jodi 4 year milay amar result 3.00 na hoy tobe ki ami valo firm pabo, naki valo firm admission test ar opor depend kore? r ca kortay computer skill koto tuku thaktay hobe? plz janaben….

    • hon’s er result 3 er upore rakhen ! tahole valo hobe! tobe eta must noy as per icab entry criteria !
      apnar ssc and hsc result valo ,but apni jodi university admission test valo na den tahole ki apni university te chance paben? ..
      thik temni apnake admission test o valo korte hobe…..Ei somoy e computer skill khub proyojon je kono professional kaje !
      se khetre apni Microsoft word, excel , powerpoint er kaj shikhe nite paren,,,,seta apnar sara jibon official kaje help korbe !

  31. CA course pass korte protita subject er pass marks koto? Please janaben.

  32. Ca complete kortay sob subject ar pass marks koto? Plz janaben…

  33. Vai ami chittagong university philosphy department a pori.Amar background busniess studies group.Ssc gpa 4.81&hsc 4.40.Akhon ami ca korte parbo.R aksathe duita calano possible?

  34. vaia ami ei year e h.s.c pass korechi . ekhon ami ca korte chai. amar ki kora uchit ?please give me some suggestions…..

  35. strong reference bolte kader reference ke bojhay??…..taka die ki firm e chance paoa jay??..

    • FCA hole valo hoy,,,but ami bolte cai vai prepare yourself …etai best ,,ar sathe reference thakle valo hoy ei r ki !! r apnar jodi reference na thake tahole r ki korben ! study hard for the admission test ! hope so you will get a good firm for your articleship !

  36. Thanx a lot…amar problem hosse ami eibar hsc disi and my gpa 4.5 and ssc 5:00….shunsi hsc er por firm e chance paoa khub tough,double golden sara ney na.background scince,business and studies nie knowledge nei bollei chole…so what can i do

  37. abaro thanx..:)…..koshto deoar jonno sorry…last question: ACCA complete kore ekta firm e kisu din kaj kore certificate nie bd te job korar khetre ki ekjon CA qualified er shomokokkhota orjon kora jay??….naki tar thekeo CA qualified er demand beshi?..plz..

    • ei niye onekei onek kotha bolbe,, shudu shudu onekei ei niye bitorko kore ACCA naki CA better!
      ami amar point of view theke bolchi,,, Bangladesh e CA hocche sob ceye better option hobe,,ACCA kore koyekdin firm e kaj korlei je apni ca er somokokkho hoben seta thik noy,,,Ekjon CA jini hon tini 3 years practical experience thake sathe sathe academic qualification toh achei,,,r ACCA only academic qualification….apni nije think koren kake job e niben practical experience+academic qualification naki only academic qualification……but ACCA er o valo demand ache amader desh but don’t compare with CA,,,onekei onek kotha bolte pare! but fact is different ! r lastly bolbo vai apnara question korle answer dite amar kosto hoy na,,,apnar r kono question thakle janaven,,r maje maje icche korle janaven ekhon ki korchen,,valo lagbe tahole amar ! valo thakben

  38. thanx a lot:)…….obosshoi janabo….ami ashole firm e chance paoa nie khib e tensed coz ami hsc er por ca korte chaisi,gpa(ssc 5 +hsc 4.5)…science background….kono firm ki amake nibe??…shunesi tara double golden or graduate der ney…but amar to graduation nai….suggestion plz.

  39. ok…CV likhbo kivabe??…sample paoa jabe??

  40. cv te reference namok ekta option ase but amar kono reference nai…so what can i do??firm nia khub tensed

  41. amito hsc dilam…university er sir pabo kothay?!?…tasara CA pore emon karo shathe amar porichoy nai…..ek CA firm bolse hsc te double golden thaka lagbe buy hsc te 4.5,ssc te golden……

    • tahole college er sir er ta den,,,r ekta firm ki bollo seta jay ase na…aro onek firm ache,,cv drop korte thaken,,,ektu kosto kora lagbei,,eita sobar korte hoy ,,graduation hok r HSC er pore hok!

  42. B catagory er firm hoile furure e ki ki problem face korte hote pare??…

    • vai apni dekhi amader facebook group soho jekhanei parchen eke dhoroner question kortechen…please stop it..question korle ek zaygay koren ,,,apni zekhan theke answer pacchen more or less sobai ek kothay bole!!! firm kono bisoy na, jodi pass koren! r pass na korle sudu ca(CC) diye job pete problem hote pare!!!!
      A category firm e prothome cv drop koren!!!

  43. brother amar SSC result 4.56 and HSC 4.7,ami e bosor hons final exam dilam.3rd year porjonto amar 1st class ase with 15 marks lead.but ekta renowned firm e jokhon cv drop korte gelam tokhon tara bollo appeared die CV drop kora jabe exam result hole CV drop korte. but from your previous comment i got to know that appeared die CV drop kora jai!!!

  44. i am doing my bsc in mechanical engineering (2nd yr). ami ki e ca korte parbo? if yes, ami ki akhone join korte parbo?

  45. brother reference sara top 5 ranked firm exam e dake kina?

  46. Ca inter level ki? Janaben plz?

  47. Hons kora ca korla ki valo job paw jaba??

  48. farshia binte mamun

    ca porte gele starting thk total koto yr lagbe nd koto tk lgbe…if jdi kokhno kno sub e fail ashe to oita shoho koto tk lgte pre …?…nd ssc r hsc te mst koto gpa lgbe…jno future e giye gpa r jnne kno prblm na hoy..?

    • koto year lagbe eta apnar upore depend korbe,,apni joto beshi har work korben toto druto pass korte parben..jodi fail na kore 3level complete koren tahole around 130,000BDT lagbe! jodi fail koren tahole er ceye beshi lagbe! SSC A+ and HSC te A or SSC A and HSC A+ lagbe!

  49. admin, kon firm articalship koto allowns dai aktu bolbn

  50. Ca naki cma konta better course????

  51. firm a join korar jonno ki BBA te ki proti semester er result dekhe naki total cgpa dekhe, BBA te minimum koto point lage ?

  52. Raishul islam rifat

    Vaia Ami H.s.c Complete Korci . Now Ami Ki C.A. Kortay parbo. R Hon’s Cera Ki C.A. Kora jay . Koto Taka lagbay . Kivaby Kothay C.A. Sikhano Hoy. PLZ tell me Bro.

  53. LonelyBirdArnob

    Admission test chara ki direct CA firm e join kora jay ? jodi partner level e link thake ?……..
    RRH, ACNABIN, Huda Vasi or A. Quaseem e ki DU er student chara ney ?

  54. Ahmed Akther & co. firm ta kemon?

  55. Bangladesh theke ca complete kore usa-e job kora jabe?

  56. i have finished my hon’s final exam (major in accounting) but result is not published yet. my ssc gpa 4.63 and hsc gpa 4.70. hopefully i will get 1st class in hon’s. now i want to do ca . am i qualify for ca in a better firm. if yes what can i do?

  57. Assalam.ami Bangladesh theke CA Part-1 shesh kore jodi U.K. giye CA complete korte chai tahole amake ki ki korte hobe?…..PLZ suggest me.

    • eirokom kono system nai..hoy apnake UK giye prothom theke suru korte hobe r na hole second option hocche apnake ekhan theke CA complete kore only 300 marks exam diye pass korlei ICAEW er member hote parben,tokhon apni both (ICAB & ICAEW er member hote parben)
      1. BD theke full ca complete korun
      2.300 Marks exam dite tahole UK er CA jonno..seta apni BD thekei dite parben!

  58. Muhammad Alamin

    ami ca korte chai.amar accounting a honors complete hoece.kintu ca sompor-k amar clear darona nae.jodi a shompor-k bolen khub upoker hobe.

  59. Application level- Taxation-ii Manual soft copy is needed. updated July,2013

  60. Muhammad Rakib Uddin

    bro, i want all knowledge level PDF soft copies for my symbian mobile phone. whr shld i search for these..?

  61. Md Saiful Islam

    I am student of honours final year.I want to know about total course fees of ca and how many time to complete this courses?please tell me.

  62. my question is that….firm e cv dite hole cv format kemon hote hobe? r kotodinpor ami icab te regitration korte parbo and kibabe? valo result er jonno ki ki kora lagbe???

  63. Acha CA coaching er jonno best konta hoba? In chittagong..

  64. Assalamualaikum Ami arif. Ami CU te BA porci. Ami pasapasi CA korte chai ami ki ata korte parbo? Jodi kora possible na hoi ami ki 6 month kore kore korte parbo CA I mean ami proti year ar 1st 6 monnth CA pore jun a xm diye BA porasuna o ki chalate parbo? A khatre farm ki amake help korbe?

    • apni jebave chacchen eivabe CA porashuna hoy na….apnake ca firm 3 years 9-5 ta office korte hobe…ratre porashuna korte hobe…prothome BA complete koren,then CA porte asen!

  65. আমি B.B.S শেষ করছি এ বছরে।আমি CA করতে চাই।আমার প্রশ্ন গুলো হল
    ১=আমার result out হতে পারে 09/2014.আমি 2014 সাল থেকে CA করতে পারব.
    2=CA বেপারে আমি কিছুই জানি না।অনেকে আমাকে বলেছে ca করতে ৫ বছর লাগে।CA করতে বা CA result পেতে total কত বছর লাগে আমাকে বলেন।আমি এ বছরে BBS দিছি।
    ৩=আপনি বলেছেন ca করতে ১৩০০০০ টাকা লাগে ।আমি যদি কোন বিষয় ফেল যাই তাহলে কত বছর লাগবে এবং আরও কত টাকা লাগবে।
    ৪=অনেকে বলেছে ca পড়া অনেক কঠিন।আমি বলতে চাই কোনটা কঠিন ca বিষয় গুলো নাকি সকাল ৯ টা থেকে ৫ টা অফিস টাইমের পরে আবার পড়ালেখা ।কোনটা কঠিন।
    ৫=caবিষয় কয়টা।প্রতিটা বিষয় কত নম্বার পরীক্ষা হবে।যে ফারমে ca করব সে ফারমে কি কাজ করতে হবে।
    ৬=ca শেষ করার পর যে কোন ব্যাংকে এরিয়া মেনেজার হিসাবে সরাসরি নিয়োগ পাওয়া যাবে।
    আবার কোন কিছু জানার প্রয়োজন হলে পরে প্রশ্ন করব

  66. Ami amr honours sas korace markting sub admission test ar jono amk ke preperation netea hobe.

  67. 1. Ca korar jonno ssc & hsc te Koto point paite hobo
    2. ca koita campus asi
    3. ar class time kokhon
    4.admission test ar jonno kon boi follow korbo

  68. Ami Jante cae CA exam gula te Pass Mark koto te. R firm a na dhuke ki Admission nea jae na ICAB te ??? R kiche

  69. CA Exam gulate Pass mark koto???

  70. ime ca korbo i akon ke korbo

  71. I m studying BBA ,after completng my BBA can i get admission to CA ? what time it take to complete CA ?

  72. CA firm aer jonno cv kibabe lik bo

  73. Vaiya…CA te korte ki BBA te 3.00 pelei hobe naki Hsc ar Ssc er result ow dekhbe…ar BBA sesh kore 3 years lage CA age ki sesh kora jabe? nane emon kono opportunity ache ki je apni 3 years er agei(2-2.5 years) CA sesh kora jabe?
    ar CA course complete korei Certificate paowa jay?
    CA course complete & certificate complete er modde difference ta kothay….aktu janaben please….

  74. ca porte hole 9-5 ta firm e ki regular 3 years kote hobe ? eta ki baddhotamulok?

  75. via ca porar jonno ki 3 bochor regular 9-5 ta office kaj korte hobe eta ki baddhotamulok?

  76. jodi SSC ta 4.88 ar hsc ta 4.50 hoi tahola ki barbo korta

  77. ami 2011 sale bcom kore masters pas koreci ami ki ekhon ca porte parbo?ektu ganaben vi..

  78. In perspective of bangladeshi job market CA or CMA which is better or best.

  79. ami hsc complete korechi 2013 te, now DU te arts faculty te pori, ami ki CA korte parbo ek sathe honours er sathe sathe???/ eita ki amar honours poralekhar hamper korbe????

  80. Amar akta question .

    CA korata hard keno ?

    CA er subject gula hard naki onno kichu ?

  81. Bangladesh er jonno CA/CFA konta best? I’m mechanical engineer. dong job and i want to have a better professional degree without leaving my job. What should i do

  82. bro bba korle ca kora ta ki sohoj hobe? i mean ca pass kora sohoj hobe?

  83. bro bba korle ca kora ta ki sohoj hobe? i mean ca pass kora easy hobe?

  84. How much tk can i earn being a CA after compliting HSC?

  85. hlw bro i hav some qus.. i have recently pass hsc xm nd wants 2 cmplite ca,, my qus r– korara jnno 100000-130000 tk lagbe, aita ki 1 year naki 4 year er jnno??? bire ki r kono cost lagbe??? ami sunlm ca korar jnno naki 600000-800000 tk lage…
    3.sob frm a e ki cost same naki kombase hoy?
    aftr alll i jst wnt 2 that how much it wil cost in four year????

  86. ami jodi ca total complite korte na pari,tahole ki ami job pabo na. Ar firm e 3 yr thaker pore jodi 1 level hole career ki hobe na , job ki pabo na,,

  87. I m studing Can i start CA directly after my graduation or i must complete any course because i am student of science.
    To start study in CA how much CGPA should i need?

  88. I am a bangladeshi citizen..n now m studing in india iipm.but the problem is my institution is not ugc recognised..n it provides only diploma not bba or with that can i proceed in CA…plz reply..

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