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New ICAB entry criteria

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh in its meeting held on 27 June 2011, approved the Revised Criteria for entry into Articleship of the Institute.

Revised Entry Criteria

Students having the following qualifications are eligible for Articleship:

1. Under Graduates:

(i) SSC & HSC or Equivalent Examinations:
GPA 4 in SSC with GPA 5 in HSC
GPA 5 in SSC with GPA 4 in HSC

Period of Articleship: Four (04) years.

(ii) ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels:
-Minimum 38 points in ‘O’ Level in minimum 5 subjects & maximum 07 subjects
-Minimum 12 points in ‘A’ Level in maximum 03 subjects
-Points to be considered as Grade ‘A’ = 10 points, ‘B’= 6 points, ‘C’=4 points
-No point will be considered for Grade less than ‘C’

Period of Articleship: Four (04) years.

Provided that candidates securing 3As in ‘A’ Level with the necessary requirement in ‘O’ Level will have a period of Articleship of three years and six months.

(iii) ‘O’ Level & HSC:
-Minimum 38 points in ‘O’ Level in minimum 5 subjects & maximum 07 subjects
Minimum GPA – 4 in HSC

Period of Articleship: Four (04) years.

2. Graduates and Post Graduates:

Graduates or Post- graduates in any discipline having minimum 07 (seven) points with no third division/ third class from any recognized Board/Public University/ National University/ Private University/ Institute (as approved by University Grants Commission of Bangladesh).

Period of Articleship: Three (03) years

* In case any candidate has passed both the examinations, either ‘O’ Level or SSC examination result (whichever earns more points) will be considered.


ACMA or FCMA of ICMAB and ACCA or FCCA (with no consideration of Division/ Class/CGPA in any Level of academic qualification/examination). They will be exempted from the following papers:

Professional Stage (Knowledge Level):
Business and Commercial Law
IT Knowledge

Professional Stage (Application Level)

IT Application

* He /she will have to successfully complete a ‘Conversion Course’ on ‘Preparing Ltd. Co. Accounts’ to be organized by ICAB in order to get exemption from PS(K) accounting. Alternatively, he/she will have to pass the ‘Accounting paper.

Period of Articleship: 02 (two) years

4. This notification will become effective from 28 June 2011.
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  1. (Ashad) says:

    thanks a lot for this blog info……

  2. Mr. Ismail says:

    Please give me a total overview of information to get articleship…..

  3. apnake articleship korte hobe 1ta ca firm er under e ..hsc er pore hole 4 years (without provision period) and graduation er pore ca korte asle 3 years (without provision period) …ca jekhono firm e articleship korte hobe ..valo hoy “A” category firm e articleship korte parle …articleship korar jonno ca firm e exam dete hobe (admission test)..then apni select hole sekhan theke apni ca articleship korte parben ..thanks for visit

  4. I wanna study C.A. in BD.Recently I finished graduation ( in National University. My SSC and HSC total GPA (5.10).B.COM result will published within 1 month. Now what can I do for that…….?
    PLZ PLZ PLZ sugest me

  5. bro apnar answer mone hoy apni amader facebook page theke peye gechen

  6. Ami 2011 h.s.c.exm diyachi.ami now ca prte chai.amr h.s.c. Result 4.90 & s.s.c. Result golden A+.amk ca te prte hole ki krte hobe?ami mdcl exm er jnno 1 year loss diyachi.kono prblm hobe naki?amk kono exm dite hobe ca te admisson neyar jnno?ki krle ami ca te bright future make krte parbo?

    • Niladri himel says:

      Vaia i come 2 this page again 4 disturbing you further.i am so sorry 4 that.i have some question:-
      1.ami ki eksathe koekti firm e exm dita parbo.i mean cv joma dita parbo?
      2.amk e specific kon kon subject er upor nojor dite hobe?ami sunci accountine er upor question kora hoy.kotha ta ki true?jodi true hoy then what should i do?ami science e poray i have no idea about accountine?jodi kono firm er question download krar jnno web adress thake pls kindly give me.
      3.koto marks pele ami firm e admit nite parbo?e khetre firm er bachai process kirupe kore?

  7. apnake prothome ekti firm e admission nete hobe…firm e cv drop koren …tara apnake deke nebe admission test er jonno ….,,,,,na kono problem hobena year loss er jonno….r ca te bright future hobe thokhoni jokhon apni ca qualified hoben …..r er ceye valo info and suggestion pawor jonno amader facebook page question ask koren …thanks

  8. Niladri himel says:

    At 1st i give a lot of thanks 4 opening these web page by which we can know valueable information about i have some question about C.A.
    1.I got 4.90 In H.S.C. & GOLDEN A+ In my question among this point can i admit into C.A?Is this grade point are count with admisson test result?
    2.Have any govt. Or non govt. Institution in C.A. Like medical/university?if have,how many seat on govt.institution?
    3.What type of exm(written or m.c.q)will be taken?which subject are taken 4 admisson test exam and their mark distribution 4 science group student?
    4.when the admisson test will be held?

  9. Niladri himel says:

    Ami jei firm e admisson nibo amr result ki count hobe only sei firm er jonno naki sob firm er jonno?ar 1 ta question…ami koto pele admisson neyar i mean chance paowar somvabona thakte pare?se khetre ami kun kun subject er upor monojog dibo?pls kindly inform…

  10. onek gulo question ask korlen …..answer decchi ….valo kore jene nen …
    1.Apnar jei result tate apni ca porte parben …
    2.admission test er result er sathe apnar kono point count hobe na …apnar result mane hocche gpa sudu matro apnake ca porar jono qualify korbe…
    3.CA kono govt institution na…r er admission test normal kono university er moto na…apni admission test deben sudu matro firm e chance pawor jonno…
    4.question pattern firm to firm different hoy….tobe normally written tarpore viva hoy…
    5.Admission test kobe hobe seta firm apnake janabe ….first apnake firm e cv drop korte hobe…then firm admission test er jonno dhakbe ..
    6.apni jei question gulo ask korchen tate kore ami try koreche sohoje answer dewar ….thanks for visiting our site …
    Full process of CA
    1.Apnake ekti firm under Articleship korte hobe 4years(After hsc without provision period)
    2.Articleship er jonno firm e chance pete hobe sei jonno admission test dete hobe…first cv drop koren firm e tara apnake exam dewar jonno dhakbe,,,
    3.Firm e chance powar pore and provision period ses hole apnake ICAB te registration korte hobe… pore apnake study korte hobe..exam dete hobe..3 level pass kortei parlei ca qualified hoye jaben ….

  11. Mamun says:

    I was completed MBA (Major in Accounting) in 2003 and now working in a private co, as assistant manager (F&A). Beside this I’m studying ACCA and completed 5 out of 14. Is it possible to study CA after completion of ACCA. Is there create any age barrier to study CA. Please advise.

  12. no sir…you can study ca anytime . if it is possible ,please start ca as early as possible….thank you sir for visiting our site with us for more info .

  13. Mamun says:

    I’m really happy to see such type of valuable site.Thanking you all for this initiative. Dear sir pls provide inf about articleship for me, if i start CA study now. Though i’m in service, whether it stop or not. Thanks once again.


  14. visit this link for getting the name of the firm’s with their ranking by Bangladesh bank .You have to do articleship in one firm among these firms ….First you have to drop your cv in ca firm’s .after they will call you for your admission test (written and viva normally).As you are in a service you have to stop that .Because in Articleship, you have to join firm and work their as like a office … of luck …..

  15. Methun Saha says:

    C.A. ta written exam a valo korar jonno kisu idea/Suggestion & materials dan.PLZ.PLZ.PLZ…………………………………………………………………….

    • same question korteche sob page e gea…no problem .Admission test e je subject or term gulor upore emphasis deya hoyeche segulo follow koren.wish you all the best ……..
      @Methun Saha

  16. rakiba says:

    ami at present national universityr under e accounting hon’s -3 rd year e porsi. Amer s.s.c ta GPA 4.5 and H.S.C ta GPA 4.7 silo. And amer background commerce. Ami ki hon’s porar pasapasi C.A porta parbo? C. A porta hola amaka ki korta hoba? Bangladesh e women der C.A porar jonno kono facility asa ki? Thakla sata ki? R C.A complete korta amer koto years lagba?

    • get your answer one after another…,,apni ekhon ca porte parben na ..apnake hon’s complete korte hobe… porte hon’s ses korte hobe apnake ,,,hon’s complete hower por different firm e articleship er jonno cv drop korte hobe..Bangladesh e onek ca firm ache ,,,valo firm gulo ekhane deke nete paren . … apnake ekti firm er under e 3 years ca articleship korte hobe(without provision period).. r women er jonno alada kono facility nei,,,,apni jodi qualified hon tahole sobai jemon apni o temoni job e valo korben ,,,valo ekta position e jete parben ,,, koto years e ses korte parben seta purotai apnar upor depend korbe …….apnar effort er upor depend kore…apni kotota hard work korte parben setar upor ,,,office kore tarpore study korte hobe,,,,,onek woman rai korche ca ekhon …so apni jodi ca porte caan tahole nije ekhon thekei mentally prepared hote thakun ..
      5.onek beshi golmele ba jotil lagle apni apnar problem othova question ekhane korte parben(feel free )….r amader facbook page join korte parben ..sekhane senior student der mulloban motamot paben …facebook page link …….thanks…

  17. rakiba says:

    ami nijaka CA porar jonno akhon thaka kivaba prepare korbo?

  18. Shahzaman Hossain (SUMAN) says:

    Dear Sir,

    I really want to appreciate you to open this website.

    Sir, I have already completed my BBA from AIUB major in Accounting & Finance.
    My academic background is explained below-

    SSC: 3.13/5.00 from Science
    HSC: 3.60/5.00 from Business Studies
    BBA: 3.88/4.00 from Mojor- Accounting & Finance


    1. Am I qualified for CA program?
    2. If now I want to complete my MBA as well as I want to continue CA, Am I allow to do that?
    3. Will I get any benefit, If I Start CA after completion my MBA program?
    4. Personally I like finance more that accounting than which one should I prefer CA or ICMA?
    5. Is there any similarities between CA and ICMA program?
    6. Which one is easier program CA or ICMA
    7. Which is more damandable in the job market as professional program CA or ICMA?

    I will be very greatful if you will answer all the questions & It will be very helpful for me to take decision.

    Thanking By
    Shahzaman Hossain (SUMAN)

    • 1.yes ,,, will be tough for you to do ca as well as MBA in the same time .Because you have to do office as a professional employee .my suggestion is that take one course .
      3.yes.if you join after MBA ,that time you will be more matured from now.we can learn more in MBA.but if you join now ,i mean after BBA ,you will get more time to complete ca. far i know .ICAMB is based on cost accounting .and you will face 5-6 subjects of finance in ca .so now decision is yours.
      5.may be no. and icma is two different course .if you will manage your study ,then both will be easy for you .you need to do hard work to be qualified.
      7. ok..last answer… Bangladesh ca qualified jara achen tader demand beshi …..

      ok..bro..i tried to answer all of these question which you asked in this blog..if you have any other question ,feel free to ask here …..

      welcome in ca world in advance …

  19. Shahzaman Hossain (SUMAN) says:

    What is your page name on FACEBOOK???

  20. Pappu Banik says:

    Bro ami BBA (Finance) thake pash korsi, So ami ki CA a korte parbo? Ekta CA student ke per day koto khn firm a thakte hoy & porte hoy.

  21. faria tithy says:

    hi, i’ve just completed my hsc.
    Can you please tell me how i can prepare myself for the admission test?
    How will be the question pattern?
    And if i require any book for admission test?
    Which subjects need to be studied for the test mainly?

    • congrats…visit our admission test page..follow this link.
      try to know about all the basic concepts .question pattern vary firm to firm .no need to follow any books ,but you can check in market ,if their any book you can follow that …you can see those thing also:Grammatical rules, translation, paragraph writing, fill in the gaps, application/letter, corrections, transformation etc. may be included in the questions.

      *****journal, adjusting journal, trial balance etc math can be given.mainly follow all the things from our page that i already mention .

      thanks ..if you have any other question ,please ask here …

  22. faria tithy says:

    *do i have to focus on analytical ability related question? If i do, then what else i have to study .
    Plz answer, if i have to study any othr subjects without acc.

    • you can see those thing also:Grammatical rules, translation, paragraph writing, fill in the gaps, application/letter, corrections, transformation etc. may be included in the can prepare yourself about the analytical ability related question.thanks

  23. faria tithy says:

    *do i have to focus on analytical ability related question? If i do, then what else i have to study .
    Plz answer, if i have to study any othr subjects without accounting

    • you can see those thing also:Grammatical rules, translation, paragraph writing, fill in the gaps, application/letter, corrections, transformation etc. may be included in the can prepare yourself about the analytical ability related question

  24. Sayeed ahmed says:

    At 1st…Vaia k thanx janai apnar ai mulloban afford ar jonno…Vaia, ami sobe Commerce thak HSC xam dlam ar amar result golden A . SSC teo A clo..Akhon ami CA porar jonno agrohi. Amar jana lagbe amon sob question ar ans akhane palam. But CA complete korar jonno firm a admission test ar course babod total koto khoroch hobe jante parle r vaia apni kon firm ar jonno recommand koren ta janta parle kritoggo thaktam…And at last, amar jonno jodi kisu bolar thak, it wil b a great help :-)

  25. Sayeed ahmed says:

    At 1st…Vaia k thanx janai apnar ai mulloban afford ar jonno…Vaia, ami sobe Commerce thak HSC xam dlam ar amar result goldn A SSC teo A clo..Akhon ami CA porar jonno agrohi. Amar jana lagbe amon sob question ar ans akhane palam. But CA complete korar jonno firm a admission test ar course babod total koto khoroch hobe jante parle r vaia apni kon firm ar jonno recommand koren ta janta parle kritoggo thaktam…And at last, amar jonno jodi kisu bolar thak, it wil b a great help :-)

    • Apnake sagoto janacche amader ei blog theke.apnar hsc te golden A+ peyechen ei jonno apnake congrats janacche …admission test e apnar kono taka lagbe na .r course blte ki bujate ceyechen ektu clear kore bolben.ami A category firm gulo te admiison test deyar jonno bolbo ….r details apnar mail e deya ache ..mail check koren .

  26. khandakar says:

    hi, bro
    thank for creating that types of site.
    Bro. I read all of yours comment’s replay. And i able to know namey thing about ca . So i cant not ask you so namey question . I want to know..
    1. Can i able to read knowledge & professional level book by myself. (i teach accounting of o level and hsc level.)
    2. I hear that the pass marks of every course of those three level examination is not it ture? If it is not ture , what is the pass marks?
    3. I want to strat ca after finishing my horns final exam. But you know that the result is not give in proper time, it may be given after half year from finishing exam. What can i do in this time? Can i able to apply for articleship without getting my horns result.(i am a student of 3rd year of sust. And i will get 9 point. And i have gpa 5 in hsc )
    i think my sweet bro give me some valueable suggesion.

  27. I have completed my HSC exam this year, by far I have read all these comments and I am qualified for the mentioned articleship. My queries are–

    1. I am from science-bengali medium background. The questions that you have given in your ‘admission test’ sections are seemed to be exclusively for commerce students. Then is it safe to assume that students with commerce background are more encouraged to apply? If not, then how on earth are the science students ever going to pass the admission tests?

    2. Do ACNABIN and HODA-VASI Choudhory and Co. take admission tests?

    3. What are the problems that an undergraduate student with science background will be going to face if he or she delve into this chartered accountancy? Given that they have no knowledge prior on the subject of accounting and in some cases, statistics?

    4. In a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate the difficulty of completing the course of CA?

    Thats all.

    And yes, I also like to congratulate the effort you guys are putting on to these site. Thank you :)

    • 1….for science students ,the admission test question is different …they need to focus on mathematics ,english ,some basic terms of accounting .
      3.Wherever you form ,you need to do hard work for qualify in CA….do hard work ,,and get the best from CA …
      4. It is depend on you ………

  28. mahmud says:

    At first onek thanks erom bloger jonne ar amar question holo amar ssc ebong hsc dutotei 5. CA korte interested and addmissioner jonne taka lagbe na janlam but course cholakalin kemon taka lagbe ebong course ses krte kmn somoy lagbe? Amar jonne kono advise thakle bolben plz

    • apni jodi ca 3 part por por pass koren ba ca qualify hoye jaan tahole near about 1,00,000 tk moto lagbe …..firm e 3 years articleship (without provision period) ..r pass korte apnar jei somoy lage…articleship er somoy apni exam dette parben ,,,,,,,,,

  29. yeamin says:

    i have completed my graduation in English and i m interested about c.a , my queries are results are :s.s.c-4.56 , h.s.c -5.00 and b.a(English)- 3.25 ,my question is, can i be able to apply in top rated firm
    2. what will be the exam procedure for me, and what i will have to learn to sit for the exam

  30. jahid hasan lincoln says:

    vaiya amr s.s.c 3.81 h.s.c 4.40 degree te 1st cls, degree 1st cls pele o valovabe study korte pari nai, job kortam, khub kom study korchilam.. Akhon ami CA te porte chai, apndr admsn test ar sample ta porechi, ar bahire r ki korte hobe admsn test a standrd result korar jonno? Khusi hobo jodi antorikvabe ans ta deye upokar koren

    • ok..bro amra sob somoy sorboccho try kore thaki apnader proper information deye help korar jonno…….
      apni Grammatical rules, translation, paragraph writing, fill in the gaps, application/letter, corrections, transformation etc dekhte paren…
      *****journal, adjusting journal, trial balance etc math can be given.
      ok…apnar jodi r kono question thake ask korben asa kori…

      thanks ………………..

      • jh lincoln says:

        S F Ahmed & co. a admsn test dyesi, mtmti hoise, help korar jonno dhonnobaad

      • vai help ki koreche jani na …sobar jonno ja bola hoy setai bolbo apnar jonno…jodi kono firm e apni articleship koren tokhon onek busy hoye porben…apni experienced hoye jaben…sei gulo amader maje share korben …..sobai ete priye kotha deye fele..but pore r kawoke page e dekha jay na…jara new tader jonno apnader help dorkar …asa kori amader sathe thakben …all the best for your upcoming days …thanks for being with us

  31. mithunroy says:

    ami ssc tay 4.56 or hsc tay 4.70 payaci
    ami akhon account subject a national univercity tay aci amaky bba honours a kato point palay ami ca kortay parbo amar result grad a hobay

  32. Rur says:

    Can you please suggest me advantage/disadvantage about doing CA after HSC ?
    I have passed SSC(all A+) & HSC(A+ without physics) from Science. I am now preparing for University Admission. How is the carrer in CA? better than CSE or IT undergraduates? What is the admission procedure?

    • you will get more time to completing ca (after hsc)
      i think you can build up a better career in ca rather then CSE or IT undergraduates….
      all the best …i think you got all the answer from ca in Bangladesh facebook page…thanks

  33. Mahin rehman says:

    Dear admin, sober valuable cmnt and apnar valuable reply gula deklam khub valo laglo and 1ek kisu jante parlam. R8 nw amar kisu question holo
    1. Firm a Articleship kora kalin obostay tara ki kono salary offer korbe? And jodi kore ta kato amount ar hote pare?
    2. 3 year ar vitor ki ca cmplit kora possible?
    3. Ca cmplit korar pora ki dharoner job paoa jete pare? And kemon demand hobe?
    4. Firm thake 3 year articleship korar por ki ak jon purnago ca qualified haoa jabe?? Naki onno kothao xam diea qualified hote hobe??

    Janale khusi hobo and rini thakbo. .

    Thanks. . .

    • you are most welcome ………..i think you got your answer from our facebook page……..

      • imran hossain says:

        Prothome admin k dhonobad janai. Ai blog a ase ami ca sompork onek kisu jante parlam. Kintu tao kisu question apnake korsi.

        Amar SSC GPA-4.50 & HSC GPA-4.00 ami ki bba pore ca pote parbo?

        1.akhon bba porar por ca porbo naki mba pobo.

        2.amader deshe ca naki mba er dimand beshi.

        3.firm a ca admission er somoy ki poriman compition hoi. Ca porar somoy kototi subject thake and subject gulo ki ki? Ca er pora ki khub hard?

        4. Apni bolesn ca porte total 1,30,000 taka lagbe. Ca porar somoy ai taka ki vabe dite hobe.

        5. Ca te chance pawar por exam total koi te hoi? Pass mark koto? Ca final exam a ki tara ki student der pass mark pelei pass kori? naki sudu nirdisto poriman student pass kori?

        6. Ca pora obosti firm ki amader kono taka debe? Ar amader monthly koto taka lagbe?

        7. Ca porar pasapasi ki mba kora jabe? Ca pass korte ki thik 4 years lagbe? Koiek manth kom ba besi ki lage na?

        8. Ca pass korle ki govnment job kora jai naki company? Job pele koto taka salary pawa jabe? Sobonimo o sorbosso.

        Agulor ans dewar pasapasi apni amke kisu advice deban plz.

      • prothom kotha holo apni amader blog e lekha gulo poren ni!karon holo apnar sokol question er answer deya ache!
        1)apnar SSC, HSC Gpa enough na CA korar jonno,tai apnake BBA sesh korte hobe!
        2)BBA por CA porben naki MBA er pore CA korben ,eta sompurno apnar personal decision! 2tai korte paren!
        3)CA er demand beshi!pash kora joruri!
        4)competition valoi hoy!total subject 17 ta sathe 1ta case study!CA pora hard!
        5)apni jodi fail na koren tahole 130000 tk laghbe,r fail korle aro beshi lagte pare! tk ICAb rules onujayi diben!
        6)r baki question er answer apni nijei peye jaben CA korte asle!!! ekhon esob vebe somoy nosto korben na! porashuna koren!

  34. Mashfeqa says:

    I am preparing for IBA and other private universities.I have my admission test coming ahead. I wanted to know can do my articleship beside my university?please let me know soon. And it will be kind if u give me a solution what to do as i cant miss my academic degree but i also have the eagerness to study CA

  35. milon says:

    can i admission after cell 01970775522

  36. numan says:

    BBA 2.55, HSC 4.5, SSC 3.56 am I qualified to drop CV at renowned CA firm? Please let me know.

  37. razib hasan says:

    i am saif,can i apply ca result is ssc-3.06 and hsc is 3.40.please suggest me.thanks……………….

  38. rashed says:

    ami national university theke accounting e hons complete koresi amr hons result 2nd class, hsc gpa 4.26 , ssc gpa 2.94 ami ki ca korte parbo. r icma vorti hoe canada te credit transfer kora jabe ki? jodi kora jai tobe condition ki? bolben plz.

  39. rashed says:

    bangladesh e ca vorti hoe canada te credit transfer kora jai kina …condition ki ki ?

  40. Shaqul Hamzah says:

    Ami CA porte chai .Amer ssc point 3.81 and Hsc point 4.31 and BBA point 3.56.Now ami ke A category firm e porte parbo?

  41. Shaqul Hamzah says:

    many many thanks. ami aponer ai site theke ja poriman information paiche ta gato 1 years ao thanks ones again for your web site.

  42. Shaqul Hamzah says:

    i want to know full meaning of
    1. PSK exam
    2. PSA manual
    3. AS manual

  43. Apu says:

    Vaia 1st of all thanks for your this effective site for CA related information.Hope it will progress more….
    1.My question is “What is the pass mark in CA.”
    2.Many people told me that the pass mark fluctuate before every exam…”Is it true.”
    3.Many people told me that the pass mark will be 80/90/91/95″Is it true or some kind of joke.”
    Thats really irritating me.I want a definite answer.So, i think you can help could you answer these questions…?
    It will pleasure……:-)

    • you are most welcome in our site ,,,, have to get “B”grade .”B”grade is the pass mark ….and the pass mark may fluctuate in terms of presenting and answering of all questions .

  44. Apu says:

    What is the pass mark in CA?
    If the question pattern in CA is tough then what will be the pass mark?
    Is admission test in all CA firm is mandatory?

    • it is not mandatory ,how they enroll the students .to get better student ,firms take the admission test .B grade is pass mark .

      • Apu says:

        B grade…
        Actually sir it will better if you say the mark…. :-)
        Is B grade means the number under 50-60?
        One told me today that theres no fixed pass mark.

      • fixed pass mark …Pass means “B” grade can be any mark ….***

      • Apu says:

        ICAB thik kore tara koijon student pass korabe.
        suppose,ICAB thik korlo tara 10 student pass korabe.akhon 15 student 80-90 er moto mark pelo.then 10 student kei tara promote korabe.baki student sob fail.
        aita ki true.
        plz kindly ektu janan sir….. :-)

      • vai eto vitorer khobor toh r jani na …egulo sob students er kotha …eta hote pare….possibility beshi….

  45. Aftab uddin says:

    ami S.S.C ta GPA-3.56, H.S.C ta GPA- 3.00 ,degree ta second class paci.
    Ami ki CA ta admission nita parbo?

  46. Suman Gupta says:

    1.@Admin vai ami sunci jodi CA(CC) complete kore job pete hoy tobe valo firm na hole theke MBA er demand naki tokhon beshi thakbe.But valo firm hole CA(CC) korlei MBA hote onek demand ase.Ata ki sotti….?
    2.CA(CC)+Partly completed & ekjon ICMA holder er demand naki same….?
    Please admin vaia ai information ta kindly den.khub dorkar .pele upokar hoy.

  47. Towfiq nabil says:

    Dear admin@ ami north south university te BBA porchi.amr H.S.C. result 4.80 & S.S.C. result GOLDEN A+ from science group.ami previous year e SHAHJALAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (CIVIL ENGINEERING) theke NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY te B.B.A. te admit hoyechi CA porar jonno.
    ***amr question…….
    1…..HODA VASI CHOWDHURY,RAHMAN RAHMAN HUQ,ACNABIN etc. CA firm e admit hote hole amk CGPA koto pete hobe ???
    2…..Amr H.S.C. r grade point (4.80) ki ei (avobe) firm gulo te admit hoyar khetre kono prkor prblem hobe ki ???

  48. TOWFIQ NABIL says:

    Dear admin@ ami north south university te BBA porchi.amr H.S.C. result 4.80 & S.S.C. result GOLDEN A+ from science group.ami previous year e SHAHJALAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (CIVIL ENGINEERING) theke NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY te B.B.A. te admit hoyechi CA porar jonno.
    ***amr question…….
    1…..HODA VASI CHOWDHURY,RAHMAN RAHMAN HUQ,ACNABIN etc. CA firm e admit hote hole amk CGPA koto pete hobe ???
    2…..Amr H.S.C. r grade point (4.80) ki ei (avobe) firm gulo te admit hoyar khetre kono prkor prblem hobe ki ???pls vaia inform me…..

  49. ashraf says:

    admin vai application level er sript kibhabe mullayon kora hoy? oneke boley vul answer dile naki number minus kora hoy, eta ki tik ?

  50. Akbar Hossain says:

    admin bi amar s.s.c te 3.50 ,H.s.c te 2.20,degree te 2nd class ami ki CA porte parbo?

  51. nazmul says:

    ekjon normal student er ca complete koete anumanik koto somoy lagte pare?

  52. md.shihab uddin says:

    ca er admission kobe theke start hobe.plz,aktu admission processing shomporke bolben..amar result s.s.c[G.P.A.-5.oo],h.s.c[G.P.A.-5.00].ami ki valo firma sharashari dokte parbo.

    • ca e admission er jonno apnake firm e cv drop korte hobe …firm apnake admission test er jonno call korbe othova inform korbe….ca er admission test er kono normal time nei … kono somoy firm apnar cv’r response korbe ….kono way nai sorasori chance pabar …jodi strong reference thake tahole possible hoileo hote pare…

  53. md.shihab uddin says:

    ca te jara porte jache koto% poro course ta complete kore.plz tell ca te jodi pori tahole ami ki 4 years onna kotho parttime job korte parbo na.

  54. nabin says:

    my background- ssc 3.81 hsc 4.70 both from commerce! abbu CA porte bolsey. ami CA bepare kisu jani na. naw my ques- 1. ami ki allowed for CA? 2. CA porte gele ki joggota lage? 3. koto khoroch porbe ca qualified hote. & somoy lagte pare koto? 4. porar pasapasi kisu korar bebosstha ase? 5. CA korar benifit ki? plz ans…

    • 1.hsc er pore ca porte hole apnar Total 9 points lagbe.(SSC=4 and HSC =5 ,total 4+5=9) or (SSC=5 and HSC=4,total 5+4=9)
      2.apnar result jehetu kom tai apnake hon’s or BBA or korte hobe and minimum 2nd class pete hobe…
      3.joggota bolete apnar result ,,seta toh upore bollam…
      4.apni jodi ca er total 3 level er kono level without any subject fail ,,apni qualified hon tahole around 3 years lagbe and around 130000 tk lagbe total…i remind you that you can not faily any subject in three level. kono bebostha nei porte hole apnake ekti ca firm er under articleship korte hobe ..seta hole hsc er pore 4 years and hon’s er 3 years…ei somoy apni firm 9 am to 5 pm firm e kaj korte hobe …ca qualified hole apni better salary te job korte parben …apnar future bright …apnar jehetu requirements fulfill hocche na ,tai apnake hon’s /bba/ kore ca porte asthe hobe….thanks

  55. rashed says:

    ca vortir jonno cv joma debar date start kobe theke ?

  56. imrul hasan says:

    ekhne ACCA er kono course kora jay?

  57. Md. Abdulla Al Mamun says:

    ami honours 4th year student. ami
    ca admit nite cai. ami kivabe nijeke
    prepare korbo ?

  58. Md. Washifur Rahman Chowdhury says:

    Accha Vaia after hsc Ca kora taki khub hard.Ar ki ki problem hota parajodi boltan.Plz

    • apni ei article ta porte paren..ekhane details deya ache..apni ki ki advantage paben r ki ki problem e porben…you can read the same thing by clicking
      HSC/A’level er por CA korar somporke ekta article

      By:Abuzer Ghaffari ACA

      Everyone in this world has a dream and/or an aim in life. The people who were born rich, dream of either becoming richer or contributing to the society. The people who were born in poor or middle class families and have seen their parents struggle since childhood also have a dream to improve their conditions and reach the heights of success one day…. Not immediately, but one day definitely….
      The need of people is endless but then again this need depends on the financial position of that person.
      The concept of an ideal career is almost equally important to a person as the need to develop and improve financial conditions. While thinking of an ideal career, almost at once we think of an ideal profession… is the selection of a profession solely dependent on meeting financial needs?? NO!! human psychology also plays an important role in the selection of an ideal career. For example: in general cases a doctor will want his child to be a doctor, an engineer will want his child to be an engineer, a CA will want his child to be a CA and a businessman will want his child to support his business in future… but in bangladesh in many cases, parents want their children to be sum1 who will simply support the family, support poor relatives, make the parents proud and also become a good human being.
      This is not a post for encouraging any1 to jump into CA.
      this is also not a post for discouraging other professions.
      This is a post only for those people who have decided or are in the process of deciding to enter CA after HSC/A’level.

      CA is no doubt one of the most prestigious and well-recognized profession which gets more and more promising as we start to gain more and more experience. Everybody doing CA has a very strong reason of selecting CA. amon kisu na j “amito jantam na ekhane pass kora ato kothin”. Everybody knows the risks involved wit CA. sobai jane CA exams r one of the most difficult exams in world. Everybody knows it is too risky to enter CA. everybody knows that if failure strikes me, I may be doomed…. But still we entered CA… Y??The one and only answer to that question is “I WANT TO FIGHT AND IMPROVE MY CONDITIONS, INSTEAD OF THINKING AT THE AGE OF 70 THAT I MAY HAVE PASSED CA BUT I DIDN’T TRY”… there is a risk involved in every success… the relationship of risk and reward is directly proportional… mani hocche joto besi risk, toto besi reward… joto kom risk, toto kom reward… jokhon keo CA te admission nite ase, se eta chinta korena j amar jibone ami ki harabo CA te fail korle…. sobai sudu etai chinta kore j ami ki pabo CA pass kore… money, respect and a good life. Kano ei chinta?? Only bcoz ami chai develop korte…. Ami chai amar parents sarajibon matha uchu kore thakuk… ami chai somaje kisu contribute korte…. Ami chai professional hote….

      Jara BBA/MBA korar por CA te asen, tader jonno kisuta holeo CA porasuna easy hoy.. bcoz tara BBA/MBA te motamoti onekta cover diye aschen CA subjects gulo r conceptually tara strong.. technically porasuna, conceptual writing r bhalo porisrom korlei pass kora somvob tader jonno. Tara bhalo background r concepts niye aschen so comparatively tara CA porasuna te effort dilei pass korar valo chance… seta 1st attempt hok, ba 5th attempt hok…

      But jara HSC/A’level er por aschen, tader jonno eta ektu difficult… but then again, everybody has his/her own reason to enter CA… oneker onek reason thakbe jamon:
      1. nijer financial obosthar unnoti kora,
      2. parents/relatives er kotha sune CA porte asa.
      3. kono qualified CA-er lifestyle dekhe impress hoy CA porte asa
      4. preme kaoke biye korar commitment rakhar jonno joldi nij paaye daranor iccha niye CA porte asa.
      All are valid reasons and all can be helpful to give u enough strength, courage and determination to achieve the impossible…

      There r both advantages and disadvantages of studying CA after HSC/A’level.
      1. Employers of Bangladesh are now more interested in employing the young educated generation more than older generations bcoz they need ppl who can work harder beyond office hours and young ppl are full of new ideas and energy.
      2. Even if u don’t know anything of CA subjects, u have a fresh mind and u can capture new things very smoothly if u study hard….
      3. The energy that can be invested in graduation is invested in doing CA so definitely a very high effort can be given in studies at this age.
      4. U can have a very nice life if u can qualify.
      5. U will be atleast 4-10yrs ahead of ur school friends in career if u can qualify.
      6. The difficulty level of CA will create a huge potential inside u which u cud never imagine before.
      7. U can get established by the age people complete graduation only and u can have a well-paid job at this age.

      1. First of all there are no disadvantages of studying… however, this is CA where MISFORTUNE HAPPENS often…
      There is no value of HSC/A’level passed part-qualified person in the market unless ur father or mama has his own company/firm.
      2. frustration might force u to quit in life after failing several times.
      3. u might feel u made the wrong choice by entering CA “IF” u get frustrated.
      4. U will suspend in uncertainty of a good future until u qualify.

      If you feel you cant study that much and u r not willing to risk everything in ur life just to qualify CA, then don’t enter CA after HSC/A’level.
      But if u feel that u can study harder than the hardest and u r willing to sacrifice ur normal life for next 3-5yrs, then enter CA. bcoz u must have extensive determination and courage not only to continue extreme hard work, but also accept some failure without getting frustrated.

      A last message for all of u: Don’t fear failure….. Fear the success which has no/less value.Answeer

  59. Md.Shahidul Islam says:

    Thanks for this site. Amar S.S.C result- 4.44 & H.S.C result- 4.40. Ami ekhon Hon’s e asi. Accounting e porsi 3rd year e. 4 th yearer por ami CA te admission nite chaisy. 1.A jonno amar ki korte hobe? 2. Accounting nia porar karone CA te ami ki kono benifit pabo? 3. CA complete korte amar koto somoy lagbe & cost koto hobe?
    Pls. tell me.

  60. hera says:

    amr reuslt.. s.s.c-3.63,h.s.c-2.20,bba-3.37 ami ca porte parbo ki?

  61. Md. Mostofa kamal says:

    I am a Electrical Engineer(BSc), doing job.
    My family needs my support.I want to achieve a better future.
    CA korle i have to stop my job. But ami ACCA or MBA korle job continue korte parbo.
    Ki korbo bro…….?

    • it’s totally depend on you.try to know everything clear about this professional degree ….then take a decision ..we can not give you any decision .it’s your life and you should take the decision ….

  62. Mazharul Islam Patwary says:

    bro how much i thank you will be a little cause your site providing me those information what i was looking for….. my ssc gpa 4.69 in 2009 and hsc 2.80 in 2012… now i am studying in AIUB, BBA 2nd semester… my first semester cgpa is 3.95… hoping that in the end of the course i would be able to keep cgpa of 3.50…. i am interested to make my aim CA after graduation…. should i keep this or not bro? please suggest me as ur little bro…..

    • keep in touch with us ….you can make the aim or dream alive ..after graduation ,you can go for CA will be really good ,if you are a qualified CA …..keep in touch …….

  63. MIJAN says:

    SSC GPA 4.06, HSC GPA4.50
    now student in BBA program 7 semester,after complete my graduation,i want to admit in a CA mach CGPA maintain minimum join a ca firm,

  64. Ahmad ekramul karim says:

    Jonab,ami accounting’E hons krc,3rd year continue.SSC gpa 4.19 & hsc gpa 4.50.Ami ki ei obosthay ca krte parbo?R kon firm gulo ”A” cetagory ta bujhbo kivabe?R akhn ca krte chaile seta acca na ca ei bisoye bolle upokrito hobo.

    • apnake Hon’s complete korte hobe and minimum 2nd class paite hobe…….amader blog deya ache …A category kon gulo r B rated kon gulo…apni ekhon ca porte parben na..ACCA somporke bolte parbo na….

  65. simon says:

    Thanks for such nice blog,akta ans. daklam CA ta cost 130000 tk lagba bolsan,ata ke baba deta hoi,aksata ?piz janan.

    • Approx. cost of doing CA (if one can pass all 3 levels in his/her first attempt):
      1. Registration- 30,000
      2. Library card- 2,500
      3. PSK exam fee- 8,500
      4. PSA manual- 4,020
      … 5. PSA coaching fee- 15,000
      6. PSA exam fee- 18,000
      7. AS manual- 2,400
      8. AS coaching fee -18,000
      9. AS exam fee- 22,000
      Total = 1,20,420

  66. Avijit Sarker says:

    Avijit Sarker
    S.S.C GPA: 4.31
    H.S.C GPA: 4.50
    B.B.S (Hons) Appeared (national university), finance & Banking
    ami CA porta Cai, But ami process ta clear na. amar question holo:
    1. total CA admission process ta ke?
    1. Firm a written exam a ke ke subject thaka Question asa?
    2. written exam a valo korar jorno ke kono helping book market a asa?
    3. Cv kon grade firm a daya valo?
    4. ami kon month a Cv firm a debo?
    5. total cost kamon hota para?
    6. koto somai lagta para CA complete korta?
    7. ACCA/ ICMAB/ CA konter demand valo?
    8. ami ke CA korta parbo?

  67. simon says:

    tanx a lot.

  68. simon says:

    SIR,ame r koiakta question janta ci?
    1.CC & intermediat dara ke buji?
    2.Onaka bola ja CA pass na korai 3-4 bosor kono firm a takta parlai chakre pao ji,ata kototuku sotto?

    • means course completed =apni ca firm e jei articleship korchen tar ekti certificate..r intermediate bolte 2nd level pass kora…
      2.job paben…tobe apnar kache kharap lagbe,,,karon apni jei kaj shikben tate apnar salry howe uchit onek ,but apni salary paben kom….tai amra sob somoy boli ca porte asben sudu qualified hower jonno…hote parben kina porer bisoy..but konodin CC er jonno ca porben na….

  69. hemal says:

    vai,my ssc &hsc result is i want 2 know that can i admit into ca firm &running my bba in national univercity.

  70. ashraf says:

    Can you know me when Nov-Dec 2012 result will be published?

  71. sumon says:

    I have completed SSC (2003), Business Studies-GPA 3.19, HSC (2006), Business Studies-GPA 4.20, BBS (3yers), major- accounting- cgpa 3.10 from Bangladesh open university, Can I apply for CA

  72. ashraful hoque fahad says:

    Vhiya i want to know about course total fee of CA. and what is the requirement for admission in ACNABIN CA firm & what can i do for admission. So can u help me about this?

  73. nazmul says:

    amar s.s.c. ta 2.56 & h.s.c. ts 3.10 & degree ta 2nd class asa ame ke ca porta parbo?

  74. SAFAT says:

    i need,how to write application for admission in chatered accounting.plz give me a application example chart.

  75. Bappy says:

    my ssc GPA is 2.88
    hsc GPA is 3.60
    bbs(hons)” 2nd class” from national university
    can i able to admit in CA?please give me information..

  76. Bappy says:

    amar bbs(hons)” a major sub, is management…
    can i admit in CA?

  77. Hiii…… I’m a HSc’13 Candidate…. I’m very much interested in CA…. I want to get myself admitted in CA after completing my HSc …. i know that 9 points are needed. But after getting 9 points what should i do next? how should i prepare myself for the admission? Do I need any kind of preparation after Hsc for the admission of CA??? I have visited the CA’s official website but I couldn’t understand anything properly….. can anyone give me the answer?

    • i hope you got the right idea about 9 points .it’s stand for (ssc=4 and hsc=5) or (ssc=5 and hsc=4).
      you have to drop your cv in various ca firm for your 4 years articleship …
      enrich your knowledge in Accounting ,English ,Math ….don’t go for any coaching …just enrich knowledge …

  78. Preety says:

    ami HSC candidate.amr SSC te GPA 5. HSc er pr CA prte gle ki prte hbe?mne,kon subjecter upr study korte hbe admission test a allow hyr jnno?

  79. Bappy says:

    A categoryr firm a exam er jonno question kmn hoy?akta soft copy ki deya jabe? please………

  80. Bappy says:

    cc certificated nia ki job kora jabe ar salary at least koto hote pare please janaben.

  81. Sir,
    CA admission test a ki math,accouting r english shomporkito question ashbe???

  82. Bappy says:

    Thank you sir, for your kind information.

  83. Bappy says:

    CA a total koita part, and part gulo shes korle kon kon part a ki name certificate dea hoi and every part a ki doronar salary at least expect kora jai.
    kindly bolben ki…

    • vai agee CA suru koren ..apni nijei er answer peye jaben !1st part pass korle around 30000 ….2nd part pass korle around 40000…r 3rd (total CA) complete korle around 100000 tk salary paben…CA te total 3ta level…

  84. Bappy says:

    sir A category firm 1-10 a admission hobar ki kono typs,rules or kono line follow korte pari……………jodi bolten as a big brother.

  85. Bappy says:

    Can I drop my cv in various ca firm in any time. Firm’s ki cv nabe anytime. cv naber ki firm ar kono partucular time ase.

  86. Gourab says:

    thanks vaia. . . .ami s.s.c te 4.94 peyesi and h.h.c te 4.60 peyesi. . . .ami ki ca te apply korte parbo? Plz ans!

  87. k.m.golam mostafa says:

    how much it costs(approximately) to complete CA? can 3-years (bsc pass course) grad. can apply for CA?

  88. neaz says:

    Thank you cainbangladesh for opening great great website for us. I am very much interested to admit in professional course CA. I will complete my graduation with in 3 months from a private university, for that I am very much afraid, is private university disqualified to admit in professional course CA? One of my uncle is FCA, I have the little knowledge about CA but I am more confused about above & below questions, is there any reference work to admit in firm?

  89. Bappy says:

    Ca office time is 9am to 5pm. tarpor ki class time start hobe.
    Admit ar koto din por class start hobe, class koto somoi hobe and Class ki everyday hobe please janaben……..

  90. Bappy says:

    Thank u for ur kind information.

    Admit hoiar may be kotodin por Registration hoi. And calss sunday to thursday koto somoi kore hobe.

  91. Ahsan says:

    I got a CA Firm category list by Bangladesh Bank for 11/11/2010. Is there any update category list? Please inform me if available. Thanks.

  92. Sharif H says:

    Dear cainbangladesh, I have completed my graduation in ‘Mathematics’ from a public university (Shahjalal University). After that I didn’t complete my Master degree in this subject, instead of this I started MBA (major in finance and banking) in a private university. My GPA is not so good (SSC: 4.13; HSC: 3.70; Honors(Mathematics): 2.74; MBA: 3.25). Am I eligible to sit for CA course ? If ‘yes’, then please inform me:

    1. CA course korle seta complete korar por after 3 years (as far I know, eta complete korte 3 years lage, amar jana te vul thakle please correct kore diben) amar age 29 hobe.. tokhon ki amar age er karone job e apply korte kono prob hote pare ??

    2. ki dhoroner job paoar posibility ase ? and seta ki dhoroner position e ?

    3. CA complete kore jehetu onek late e (age 29) job er jonno try korbo, so ekhane salary ta ekta fact hoe darabe, coz amake amar family er responsibility nite hobe. So, kindly janaben j, ei age e or complete korar pore job e kirokom salary hobar posibility ase ?

    4. jehetu CA er class evening e hoy, so ami ki kono job er pasapasi CA korte parbo ?? Sunday to Thursday evening e koto hour class hoy (I mean koto time) ??

    5. The most important question for me is, CA complete korte total ekdom sob kisu milie koto khoroch hobe (including all fees) ?? ei khoroch ki ekbare (1 time e) dite hobe, naki semester wise (or level wise) dite parbo ?? every semester (or level) e koto kore fees dite hobe ??



    • are eligible for CA.

      2.3 years =Articleship ,,,and r pass korata apnar upore depend korbe…apnar 3 years o lagte pare abar 5 years o lagte pare…age kono fact hobe na ,jodi CA pass korte paren .. position e job paben …. pass korte parle job er range hobe 80,000-1,30,000tk..and more

      5.class evening hobe ,but apnake day te office korte hobe CA firm (9am – 5pm)…r class korte hobe exam er kouek month ageee..

      6.level wise pay korben…i mean exam time …r hocche prothome registration korte hobe 30000tk diye cost =130000(jodi apni fail na kore all level pass koren)

  93. avijit says:

    1. Rahman Rahman Huq, Chartered Accountants
    2. Howladar Yunus & Co., Chartered Accountants
    3. M J Abedin & Co. Chartered Accountants
    4. Basu Banerjee Nath & Co. Chartered Accountants
    5. Saha Mazumder & Co. Chartered Accountants
    aj ae firm a cv drop korta gacelam but result appeared tai kono firm thaka amar cv nai nai.
    {no 1 firm a condition deca: result dayar por jodi 1st class hai toba asan.
    no 2 firm a condition deca: result dayar por & june 1 to 10 a asan.
    no 3 firm a condition deca: cv neca without any QUESTION.
    no 4 firm a condition deca: result dayar por jodi 1st class hai toba asan.
    no 5 firm a condition deca: result dayar por jodi 1st class hai toba asan.}

    Q : result: SSC: 4.31, HSC:4.50, BBS(hons.) Appeared. expected 62% marks national university.
    amon kono A Grade firm asa jata amar CV neba? reference valo but CV na nela ke korbo bojta parce na. plz help.

    • 3. M J Abedin & Co. Chartered Accountants jehetu cv niyeche tai bolbo ei firm e join korte paren jodi call kore,,,
      1. Rahman Rahman Huq, Chartered Accountants eita sob ceye better ….first class pele .

  94. Abeer says:

    i scored 92% in my O levels and gave my A levels this year.
    I am expecting 60-70 %. I am interested in studying CA. My question is will i be eligible to admit in CA if i score 60-70% in my A levels OR i will have to complete my graduation first???

  95. sahazir says:

    Bro, Unfortunately my Honors (Accounting) results contains a 3rd class which i could not overcome due to some specific circumstance ; But SSC+HSC total is 9.84…is there any danger for me…i am now in 3rd year last. And please suggest me where i can get detailed information about CA, if needed i will go there for information.

  96. zahid says:

    What is articleship?
    Is CA completed when completed articleship?

  97. Appel mahmud says:

    awesome website for CA eager student.
    thank sir to create a valuable site ; really God bless you & your team.
    i have some question but i provide next time.
    well cheerio until next time.

  98. Md.Abdullah Al-Mamun says:

    Dear sir, i mamun, completed MBA (Accounting)in 2003. 9 yrs working experience in accounts & finance department. Now i want to boost up my carrier and decide to study CA. Accordingly i want to resign from my service. Could u please advise me, if i do so then is there arise any problem in my future career. Thanks in advance for your best co-operation in this regards.

  99. Anamul says:

    I am post graduate student. Could I admit CA course? My qualification requires and session fees, want to know plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  100. সাম্য says:

    ভাই আমার SSC তে জিপিএ ৪.১৯ HSC তে জিপিএ ৩.৮০ বিকম ( পাশ) 3 years Second class আমি কি CA করতে পারব ?

  101. Sahazir Hossain says:

    …I will be able to take the risk….! tnx

  102. Shopan Khan says:

    I am Mr. Shopan Khan from Barisal. I am 25 years older. I have completed my Primary education 2003. After that my study was long time gap. But, i want to complete my study that is why again i have admitted in Bangladesh Open University (BOU) 2013 SSC program. (I have not complete six,seven,eight) I just admission in class nine in BOU. But, i would not feel comfort with this type class because i am too older. I want to start Higher education in abroad but i can’t for my study. since i have no SSC and HSC certificate. If i am going to complete my SSC and HSC its takes up to more five years. I have an better opportunity to study in China.

    So, i want to know any Bangladeshi education board or Private company provides SSC and HSC shortcut course??? Cause i need just certificate for study abroad.

    Please feel free to answer me.


    Shopan Khan

  103. rupom hasnat says:

    tnx.. 0nak din p0r valo akta blog a asla.. Tnx admin…

  104. SHAMIM says:

    Sir , amar S.S.C – 3.06…(5.00)
    H.S.C- 2.80…..(5.00)
    B.Com (Pass)-Second Class…..ami ke CA korte parbo ?

  105. Bappy says:


    A-category CA firm a Monthly/Yearly a kotogulo audit may be hote pare.

  106. Shakil says:

    Ami jodi hsc complete kora ca korta chai tahola amar qualification hisebe ki joggota lagbe

    • 1. Under Graduates:

      (i) SSC & HSC or Equivalent Examinations:
      GPA 4 in SSC with GPA 5 in HSC
      GPA 5 in SSC with GPA 4 in HSC

      Period of Articleship: Four (04) years.

  107. Sojib says:

    Firm a j cv drop korta hoy saita ki rokom hoba i mean structure ar ki ki information dita hoba

  108. ishtiaq says:

    vaia, ca pass na koreo ki cc certificate pawa jay?r ca pass na kora porjonto ki articleship cholte thake naki oita 3yrs por sesh hoye jay?inform me plz

  109. Bappy says:

    Hello sir,
    A HAQUE and A MATIN kon category firm, and ai 2ta moddha konta besi valo .

  110. payel says:

    Hello! i want to ask some ques . bhaiya ami science theke SSC te 4.75 paisi.& HSC te 4.94 paisi .ami ki CA porte parbo ? naki amak graduation koire porte hobe?

  111. uday says:

    apni bolechen ami ssc 2.94 , hsc 2.20 , bcom (hons) 2nd class niye ca korte parbo . tai ami akta porichito ca frim a cv joma na diye 7 month kaz korechi kintu cv joma diver por tara boleche ami ca korte parvo na….karon amar naki ca korar jonno 7 point nai .now i m so fustrate what can i do ………i m finished

    • how funny! apni kivabe cv drop na korei 7 month kaj korlen!!!nijer toh ektu think kora uchit chelo..tara apnake diye kaj koriye niche ,,r kichu na!!!vabiya korio kaj,,,koria vabio na!!!

  112. Bappy says:

    Hello sir,
    who is the best firm between A Haque and Ata khan & co. and why?

  113. Nilufar yasmin says:

    Thanks for page,ami jante cai ,ca porte hole total kato point lagbe? 7 points?r kabe theke ca vorti suru habe?

    • better to read or go through our blog………….
      apnar kono result 3rd class hole apni ca porte parben na…minimum 2nd class ..
      apni ca firm e cv drop korben ….then admission test dite hobe,,,firm e chance pele articleship suru korte hobe,,,tar pore icab te registration ,,,

  114. Md.akhter Ujjaman Mijan says:

    What is the condition for admitting A category firm.

  115. Saiful Islam says:

    I want to be study CA any firm in Bangladesh. But I dont know, how could I wil bel aply. Please give me admission information.

  116. Bappy says:

    Hello sir,
    Who is the best firm between Masih Muhith Haque & Co and A Haque also G kibrea? and why?

    Apnader facebook a ai qus. ta korse but no response
    please sir knowing me.

  117. Bappy says:

    Hello sir,

    Interview board a common qus. are (1) What is a Chartered Accountant? (2) Why become a Chartered Accountant? (3) What do Chartered Accountants do? sir qus ar ans gulo English kibabe bolbo kindly aktu bolben. please……………

  118. Bappy says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to know about the Masih Muhith Haque & Co.
    please sir give me information about this firm.

  119. Tanvir says:

    Dear Concern,
    SSC 3.50
    HSC 4.10
    Amito CA porte parbona taina?? Amak graduation complete kortei hobe?? Tar age ai poor result dia kono vabei ki CA pora jabena?? As 9 points is required for CA after HSC as far I know.

  120. Sojib says:

    Bhai amar SSC GPA 4.88 and HSC GPA 4.60 ami ki akhon CA korta parbo?

  121. babu says:

    with due respect i am informing you that my educational qualification is a little bit poor but i am too much interested to do educational qualification is given below
    and now i am doing bbs (degree pass course) and i have 1 subject(economics) left for improvement,and i have 3rd class my question is that m i eligible to get admit in CA????????

  122. Raju says:

    Vaia amr SSC result 4.75 and HSC result 4.20 ami akhon BBA Hons.3rd year national university te porci.Ami ki akhon CA porte parbo.naki amk hons complete kora porjonto wait krte hobe????

  123. tapu says:

    i complete m.b.s.(accounting) this year & with this courses i wanted get admission m.b.a in DU but i could not pass admission test although i pass in mcq exam &face successfully. but i could not get any what can i do?

  124. uttam says:

    ssc- 3.00, hsc- 3.00, degree (pass)- 2nd division, masters part-1 completed.
    can i ca study

  125. Nerob says:

    SSC-4.06, HSC-4.70 and BBA-2.5. can I ?

  126. Hi, vayaa ame hsc first year ar student. ame ssc ta business study bevag thaka 4.75 pai. akhono amee business study bevag ai porchee. amar ichaa acha hsc r por ca kora. ame jodee hsc ta 5 pai tahola ke direct ca korta parboo? amaka ke konoo firm accept korbaa? ar accept korla ame keke somossar somokheen hota paree? doyakora janaila khoob opokkretoo hotam.dhonoobad

  127. Abu Hanif says:

    Now I am studied in MBS can. Plz help me to give me the information about admission procedure of CA.

  128. (pass) course er student ami, ami jodi 2nd class pai tahole ki ami CA porte parbo? please janaben

  129. (pass) course er student ami, ami jodi 2nd class pai tahole ki ami CA porte parbo? please janaben
    amar SSC result 3.88 and HSC result 4.30

  130. amar SSC result 3.88 and HSC result 4.30 abong ami course er student. ami jodi 2nd class pay tahole ki CA korte parbo? r amar score koto hocce tahole?

  131. saima akter panna says:

    amar ssc result 3.31 & hsc result 3.90 , ami ki CA te admit hote parbo ?? plz plz plz bolen..

  132. Anamul says:

    I have CGPA 3.30 in BBA.Can I study CA from ACNABIN?

  133. Al Rafa says:

    Hello Sir,
    If I can’t pass Advance Stage, do I certified for application level?

  134. NADIM says:

    Bangladesher 1jon ACA & UK or Australia er 1jon ACA vitor quality ki variey koray?
    abroad thekay CA complete korlay ki ai deshay kono extra priority deoa hoy?

    • vai ekhon kintu amader desh er ca manual sompurno UK based,,shudu Tax and Law ta amader desher ,,,karon 2ta desh Tax and Law er practice alada ! tobe eita true je vaire theeke kore asle demand valo amader desh e…quality temon vary kore na,,,,

      • NADIM says:

        sir , ami Australia thakay CA practice kortay chachilam. is that a better idea? coz in UK it costs a lot as i know so far. plz give advice .

      • eta sompurno apnar life,,so apnakei decision nite hobe,,,, jodi cost er cinta koren tahole Bangladesh theke CA koren and then pass koren ,,er pore only 300 marks exam dilei apni ICAB(Bangladesh) and ICAEW(UK) 2tar e member hoye jete parben,,,,jeita valo bujen seita koren….apnar family and jara australia CA somporke jane tader sathe kotha bolen decision neyar agei……..

  135. Himel says:

    as par i know Ca course is a lengthy course because there is no passmark in Ca so someone don’t know what marks he/she have to get. Plz want your valuable advice about that.

  136. Md. Shahedur Rahman says:

    @cainbangladesh, Is there any age limit in CA admission? My age is: 34 years. Can
    I admit myself ? Would u plz let me know the information.

    Note: I have completed B.Sc Hons In Computer Science & Engineering in the year of 2007. I have got all first class marks from SSC to Hon’s.

  137. Abdullah Habib Zia says:

    Whom I should address the bank draft for CA registration?

  138. Abdullah Habib Zia says:

    For CA registration,
    which certificates are needed and
    whom I should address the bank draft?

  139. Abdul Aziz Miah says:

    I am a private university student. I am studying BBA here.I am interested to study CA.Is there any restriction to study CA from a private university? .However, I earn more Than 7 Points.

  140. Arindam says:

    “ca firm e ekjon partner maximum kotojon ca student ke registration er jonno permission dite pare (per session)”. per partner 25 jon- ei rokom kono rules ki ase?kindly tell

  141. abdul kader says:

    I am completed MBS I am interested to study CA.may s.s.c, h.s.c, b.b.s & m.b.s result is 3.5 ,3.80, 2nd & 2nd is my qualifications are perfect for ca?

  142. Salim abdullah says:

    Dear sir,apnar kache amar kichhu janar chhilo.ami ekhon master’s e porchhi.pasapasi ekti job korchhi.ami ca korte chai.khuj nie dekhlam ca course er jonno 9am to 5pm office korte hobe.ja ami parbo na.tai ami acca korte chai.sir ami jodi acca kori tahole ki ca er moto mullaion hobe ? ami ca & acca er bepare ektu jante chai. Acca korle ami valo job pabo? Jodi pai salary koto pabo.

    • ACCA korte paren,jehetu masters kortechen tai ACCA koren ,karon apni job o korchen sathe sathe,,zai koren valo kore porben asha korchi..acca complete korle valo salary te job paben asha korchi!

  143. Jahidul islam says:

    1.CA er por acca/icma kontar demand beshi.
    2.job er shathe shathe icma kora jabe? icma er job ki ca er moto available?
    3. icma class ki evening e hoi
    4.icma korle ki valo job pawa jabe? jodi pai salary range kemon hobe?
    5.icma er jonno ki kono admission test dite hoi?
    6.icma er duration & cost koto?
    7.icma r icmab ki same course naki alada?
    Sir ei que gulur ans pele khub upokrito hobo.

  144. Jahidul islam says:

    ca er 3 part e total subject koita r kon part e koita?er moddhe math sub koita.
    Ca complete kore ki easily job pawa jabe.
    Salary koto pawa jabe.sorry to again disturb you.

    • total sub 17ta and 1ta case study!
      1st level=7 ta subject
      2nd level=7ta subject
      3rd level=3ta subject and one case study !
      ca complete koren then nijei buje jaben baki question er answer! just join a ca firm!

  145. Pavel says:

    I am currently studying BBA (Accounting & Finance) at NSU (9/12 semester). My previous results are ssc=4.63 & hsc=4.60. I wan to study CA.

    1. what suggestion do you have for me?
    2. is it possible study CA besides Job?
    3. do i have to study all the subject of each level together or i can few at a time?
    4. what will happen, if failed in one subject?
    5. how much marks need to pass the course (out of 100)?
    6. how much time i will have before exam?
    7. what is the time difference between two exam? is exam semester based or yearly?

    Thanks in advance. this page is really helping people a lot.

    • ১. বি.বি.এ. শেষ করুন প্রথমে ! তারপরে সি.এ. ফার্মে সিভি ড্রপ করবেন
      ২. নাহ, জব করার সাথে সাথে বা সি.এ. করার সাথে সাথে জব করতে পারবেন না, কারন আপনাকে সি.এ. ফার্মে আরটিকেলশিপ করতে হবে! ৯.০০-৫.০০টা সি.এ. ফার্মে কাজ করতে হবে!
      ৩.মিনিমাম ৪টা বিষয় পরীক্ষা দিতে হবে!
      ৪. যদি একটা বিষয় ফেইল করেন ,তাহলে পরে টার্মে আবার সেটা দিতে হবে!
      ৫.পাশ মার্কস নির্ধারিত নেই!
      ৬.প্রথম পরীক্ষা দেয়ার আগে মিনিমাম ১ বছর সময় পাবেন, এর পর থেকে ছয় মাস অন্তর অন্তর পরীক্ষা!
      ৭.বছরে দুইবার পরীক্ষা নেয়া হয়, জুনে আর ডিসেম্বরে!

  146. amar s.s.c te 3.67..H.S.C TE 2.90 and honours e 1st class …ami ki C.A TE admission nite parbo?

  147. Pavel says:

    1.Ami BBA (NSU) te portesi ekhon. Ami chassilam je er pasa pasi CA er jonno study suru korbo. Amake
    kisu book suggest koren please.

    2.CA er jonno je book gula porte hoy segular ekta list dite parben?

    3. BBA complete kore CA korle kon kon subject gula korte hobe na?

    4. proti exam e koto jon CA pass kore? exam e participate kore koto jon student?

    5. koyek te valo CA firm er list dite parben?

    6. CA pass korar jonno ki vabe porasuna korte hobe?

    Thanks in advance.

  148. nahar says:

    amer ssc 3.63,hsc 3.30 & bbs(pass) 2nd div. achea.ami ki ca korte parbo?

  149. syed armanul hoque says:

    sir,i’m a student of cu bba(accounting)3rd year.gpa-4.94 and 4.40(ssc hsc).shall i admitted ca?and what r the subject i read more form know for admission?and how much cost to admit and complete ca? Please infrom me?

  150. Himel says:

    Assalamu alikum brother, I completed graduation in finance & banking & I was interested to study in CA. But i listened that it takes 10 years to fully complete CA program. Brother i come of a middle class family. So is it possible to complete CA in less than 10 years?

    • you listened ! i didn’t !
      ভাই সোজা কথা হচ্ছে আপনি যদি পরিশ্রম করেন তাহলে ৩-৪ বছরে সম্ভব আর যদি পরিশ্রম না করেন তাহলে ১০ বছর কেনো, ১০০ বছরেও সম্ভব না ! এটা অবশ্যই সম্ভব ভাই ৪-৫ বছরে পাশ করা! অনেকেই অনেক কথা বলবে! যারা পাশ করতে পারে না তারা অনেক কথাই বলে বেরাবে, এটা সত্য সি.এ. শেষ করাটা সহজ কোনো কাজ নয়, কিন্তু অসম্ভব না!

  151. mohini dey says:

    my ssc gpa is 4.94 & hsc gpa is 4
    8.ami ki admsn nite parb

    • নাহ ! পারবেন না , আপনাকে অনার্স/ বি.বি.এ অথবা সমমানের কোনো ডিগ্রী লাগবে !

  152. Rashed says:

    Bro, if a CA student can’t pass all the papers within the articleship period, what he/she has to do next???

    Has he/she to extend his/her articleship period???

    Will you please elaborately explain what if a CA student can’t pass all the papers within the articleship period??

    Will he/she be able to do work anywhere after completing articleship period??

  153. amit says:

    Dear sir, ami s.s.c te 3.38 and h.s.c te 3.80 peyeci .nationa uni. theke accounting a hon’s final diyeci bt result hoyni. Akhon ki ami A catagoryr firm a apply or admiton nite parbo?

  154. imran hossain says:

    Apnake birokto korar jonno dukkito. Apner ans er jonno thanks.

    • নাহ! বিরক্ত করবেন কেনো!
      আপনাদের জন্য সকল তথ্য দেয়া আছে সি.এ. ফার্মে কিভাবে জয়েন করবেন ! আমরা আপনাকে এই পর্যন্ত তথ্য দিয়ে সহযোগিতা করতে পারি। এর পরে আপনি নিজেই ফার্মের বড় ভাইদের কাছে আপনার প্রশ্নের উত্তর পেয়ে যাবেন!

  155. Labonno latika says:

    Thik kotota firm e try kora jabe ?

  156. Labonno latika says:

    Ami ssc te 4.56 paici samne hsc divo so amr r koto pnt lagbe ? &1er odik firm e ki try kora jabe ?

  157. roshny says:

    CA porte hole ki prothome admission dite hobe? ami graduation complete korechi, ekhon CA porte chai. amake ekhon ki korte hobe, 1st to last details info pele khubi valo hoy or ICAB er help line?

  158. roshny says:

    ICAB help line kothao paini, janaben plz…

  159. Himel says:

    Assalamu Alikum Brother,

    Is there any evening shift for CA? Brother, I come of a middle class family. I am doing a job till 5 pm. Is it possible to study CA to continue my job?

  160. dwip says:

    Vai…amar S.S.C te 3.63 ar h.s.c te 3.7 ache…amar ca korar requirement fulfill ache ?
    ar cost ta koto porte pare..? ar koto year lagbe…
    ar akhon ami BBA porchi..BBA te jodi 3.25 thake taholeo ki kora jabe…? takhon time koto lagbe..?
    ar jodi ami aksathei CA ar BBA korte chai,tahole ami ki korte parbo.?
    Please taratari janan….

  161. Rashel says:

    ami hoda vasi chowdury ar web a deaklam tara cv ar shathy “application to HVC indicating why you want to be ca?” ai from ti chasch. at ki and at ki report akera hoba na essay akera hoba? jodi akta simple dan tahola valo hotu

    • jani na vai..thik bolte parchi na,,,web e diye kono lavv nai ,,,firm e giye cv diye asen

      • rashel says:

        ami hoda vasi ta cv dita cahchi. kitu tara duta referance chacha ( two reference of respectable professionals and government officials – web thaka nawa) akhana professionals kara and government officals kader bojano hoicha? vai hoda vasi somporka aktu bistariu bolben ki?

      • hoda vasi somporke jani na….nijei firm e giye khoj nin!

  162. DEV says:

    আর্টিকেল শিপ এর cv টা কেমন হবে।আর cv কি সবসময় ফার্ম এ জমা দেয়া যাই ?
    plz plz. আমাকে একটা cover letter এর format send করবেন? cv এর সাথে আমাকে কি কি সংযুক্ত করতে হবে? কিভাবে করতে হবে।plz inform me.

  163. Ifte says:

    I resently completed B.B.S mejor in Finance and Banking result is appeared and
    My H.S.C reault is 3.40
    S.S.C result is 2.75(without four subject)
    Now i want to know can i stady in ca right now and how

  164. Manirul Islam says:

    Recent i was completed B.B.S (Finance and Banking) But result is not published not yet
    and my H.S.C result is 3.10,S.S.C result is 2.31
    so i want to know, can i study in CA right now and how

  165. kayes mahmud peayel says:

    sir,my friend which has point s.s.c 3.
    50 and H.s.c 3.40,B.B.A 3.00 then he will admit in A categories firm and those have the illegible point?

  166. DEV says:

    hello viya Chittagong er A grade firm er list ta pathaben? plz

  167. Suhel Rana says:

    HSC+SCC total Gpa 9 point hole ki hove?

  168. adiba says:

    vi ami recently final year exam diachi (accounting).kintu result out hoi ni.ami jodi ACCA course start korte chai tahole amake kon step theke start korte hobe?amake ke admission dia age chance pete hobe naki graduation result dia chance pete hobe?please bolen…

  169. Sheikh Sharif Uddin says:

    Job kore ki CA korar kono sujog ache?

  170. Md. Palash hossain says:

    Sir I want to know that can I read ca after degree pass course in humanitis group ? And my ssc 3.13 hsc 2.50 bss 2nd class .

  171. NUR MOHAMMED says:

    SSC. 4.56
    HSC. 4.70
    BBA. Running 4th semester in BIU
    Can i apply for CA after BBA ?
    Is Accounting compolsury as mejor? what gpa is required in BBA and mejor subject points

  172. jabed says:

    Ami ssc 2013 te 4.94 paisi annada govt high school brahmanbaria theke. Akhon brahmonbaria govt college a portesi. Ami 2015te hsc exam dibo. So CA korte hole amake hsc te r koto point lagbe ?

  173. Babul Azim says:

    Amar SSC, HSC & HONOURS result is 4.00 ,3.80 & 1st Class. amake CA admission er jonno akhon ki korte hobe. Amar SSC er year 2005 & Honours er result hoyche 18.05.14

  174. khalid says:

    accounting honour’s in nu(session 2010-2011)
    am i able to take admission in CA
    and how result need as minimum in honors to take ca

  175. How can i find the students list whose are Completed Course from Firm ?

  176. R.Himel says:


    “A Grade” ar “B Grade” CA Firm er moddhe article ship korar difference ta ki??

    • সি.এ. ফার্মে গিয়ে দেখুন , নিজেই বুঝতে পারবেন ! কয়েকটা এ গ্রেড আর কয়েকটা বি গ্রেড ফার্মে গিয়ে দেখুন!

  177. Shuvarthi Paul says:

    I have recently completed my graduation on applied accountancy from an uk university and got 9 exemption in ACCA. If I do CA in bangladesh will I get any exemption.
    It will be very helpful for me if you let me know.
    Thank you

  178. Anik says:

    Admission test ar preparation jonno kon jinis gulo porle valo hoi?

    • লিখিত পরীক্ষা মূলত Accounting, Auditing, Tax, English, General math(basic), Critical Reasoning এর উপর হয়ে থাকে। General math(basic), Critical Reasoning সকল ফার্মে আসে না । অল্প কিছু ফার্মে আসে। তাই সবাইকে বলবো অবশ্যই প্রস্তুতি নিয়ে নিবেন।

  179. bappy says:

    I lost my admit slip.please say now what can I do?

  180. suvro basak says:

    Admission test dete hoi ki????????????

  181. monjurul hasan jony says:

    as salamu alaikum .


    1.CA ar admission a ke English a question

    thakba ?

    2.BBA porar pasapasi ke CA pora zai ?

    3.CA digree dai amon protesthan ar nam ?

    please . please. please Ans. me….,,……..

  182. Naeim says:

    I will join a CA firm next 1st September 2014 for Article-ship. After 3 months I will get ICAB registration that means December. I heard after registration need 10 months to sit exam. So December to September 2015 (10 months). (october, november and december) In this situation Can i sit the exam of December 2015 session?

  183. monjurul hasan jony says:

    as salamu alaikum .


    1.Amar SSC GPA– 4.00 & a bar Ami HSC ta

    GPA-5 peyasi ,Ami ke CA ta vorty hota parbo?

    2.CA ta admission start date & last date koba ?

    plese . plese . Ans. me,…..,…,….

  184. monjurul hasan jony says:

    1.CA portable hola monthly cost koto

  185. sheka anud says:

    ami ssc te 4.75 paici r hsc te 4.30 paici…tahole ami ki akjon ca howar sujok pabo…?amar khub icche ca hobar …plsssss answer ta diben…

  186. rakib hasan says:

    I’m interested in CA. My ssc result is 4.63 & my HSC result is 3.70. Am I capable for CA??? Plz give me the answer.

  187. Sajal Ahmed says:

    Admin,I will be highly pleased if i get proper direction from you.
    if i work full time in a firm for doing my CA,can I get any remmuneration and how much?

  188. Mr.Maruf Khan says:

    CA bhobona cv drop korar shomy ki Firm er nam ullek korte hobe? r amr jober khetre CA course ta amak kotota importance thakbe?

  189. Mohammed says:

    vaia, ctg te science background er student nei emon kono farm ki nei?science er student bole koekti farm amake reject koreche.

  190. Rana says:

    Amar s.s.c te 4.88 h.s.c te 3.20..’!! Akhn amar ki korte hobe

  191. md.uzzal says:

    Thank you sir,for opening this page.My ssc result is gpa 3.44 , hsc result is 3.90 and result BBA in management CGPA 3.00 .Now i want to know,can i admit in (CA) A catgory firm ?

  192. Amit karmakar says:

    HSC complete, ame ki CA korta parbo na oino kesu porta haba.

  193. Rejwana Sanji says:

    Bangladesh the CA kora student ki USA CA hisebe JOB korte parbe?: kingba BANgladeshe 1st part kore ki bakita USA te sesh korte parbe?

  194. Rejwana Sanji says:

    Bangladesh theke CA kora student ki USA te CA hisebe JOB korte parbe?: kingba Bangladesh a 1st part kore ki bakita USA te sesh korte parbe?

  195. আমার ssc te 4.19 without 4 subject 3.81and hsc 2.90. আমি এখন private university te bba করছি। আমি bba শেষ কর ca করতে পারব।আর যদি করতে পারি,কোন category তে করতে পারবো।bba te result kemon ho te hobe.please answer

  196. mizan says:

    hi brother ca porta anu manik total cost koto hobe and total period koto?

  197. SAMI says:

    What is the rating of OctoKhan CA firm ??? Is it a good firm ?

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